Happie Accu Paduka Elite



Accu Paduka Elite benefits hypertension, arthritis, deep muscle tissue pain and also helps improve sleep and blood circulation. It is embedded with jade stones and tourmoline stones for better effects.


These Accu Paduka Elite slippers are designed to provide deep sense of relaxation, improve digestion, increases energy levels and strengthen the immune system with the acupuncture multi massage beads embedded on the slipper. The slippers are affixed with jade stones and tourmoline stones for quicker effects. Jade stone improves body s filtration and cleans the systems by detoxifying, improves the heart, lungs and thymus and is also a phenomenal conductor of far infrared heat. Tourmoline stones emits far infrared rays and produces the best effects when your body is in close proximity and also support the removal of toxins from the body. Accu Paduka slippers apply pressure on correct vital points will stimulate energy flow and free the blockage by unlocking tension and restoring good health. These slippers use reflexology application to reduce stress and releases healing energy.

Relaxes nerves & muscles
Embedded with jade stones and tourmoline stones
Accupressure Paduka Elite is a waterproof product
Features many health benefits
Application of reflexology
Applies pressure on vital points
Promotes good health


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