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Happie health mart Accu Mat – Star



This acupressure mat by Star is a great tool to help relieve health issues such as back pain, sleep disorders, digestion problems or stress. It features pyramid shaped elevations and magnets affixed at reflexology points which helps reduce tiredness and relax the muscle.


Happie Health Mart brings this Acupressure Mat to help with a variety of health issues ranging from lower back pain to headaches to sleep problems and more. It has no age, and gender restrictions, any person who wants relief can use these acupressure mats for instant results. Laying or even standing on this mat can help improve circulation as well as stimulate the release of endorphins. You can use it for 5-10 minutes a day and experience significant results. The Accu Mat features pyramid shaped elevations and magnets at the reflexology points to help relax the muscle. It is conveniently portable, you can carry it to office, while travelling & can also be used while doing activities like reading, talking on the phone or watching TV.



Provides quick relief

Helps relax the muscle

Improves blood circulation

Features pyramid shaped elevations

Magnets affixed

Stimulates nerve and accu point

Highly portable & lightweight


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