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Happie Health Mart Wooden Cut Foot Roller – Perfect Magnets



Wooden cut foot roller by Perfect Magnets helps relieve muscle stress and stiffness. It works on different pressure points of the feet and helps provide relief from tensed muscles.


Wooden cut foot roller made of wood by Perfect Magnets is beneficial for relieving tensed muscles. This massager recognises the most important pressure points on the foot and works on them to provide relief from stiffness and pain. Acupressure is based on the theory of vital energy that states that stress impedes the flow of vital energy and the same helps in optimising that flow of energy in our bodies. Using this set has a therapeutic effect on the body and promotes the circulation of blood throughout.

Stimulates blood circulation
Relaxes muscles
Helps relieve muscle pain
Handcrafted with wood
Helps improve concentration
Works on pressure points on the feet


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