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Happie Health Mart Acupressure Magnetic Stress Mat Combo – Perfect Magnets



A great way to release muscle tension, this acupressure combo is the perfect choice. It is good for your health and helps in improving the circulation of blood and relaxes the muscles and joints.


Perfect Magnets brings to you this acupressure set including accessories helpful in relaxing the muscles and joints. The set includes a Stress Mat, Wooden Foot Roller for Knee Exercise, Wooden Acupressure Ball, Wooden Hand Roller for Body Massager, Acupressure Pointer, Sujok finger Ring, Thumb Pressure and Kerala Roller. It helps in improving blood circulation in the body which helps in faster healing.

No of contents
Stress Mat
Wooden Foot Roller
Wooden Acupressure Ball
Wooden Hand Roller for Body Massage
Acupressure Pointer
Sujok finger Ring
Thumb Pressure
Kerala Roller Combo Kit

Relaxes muscles and joints
Helps in improving blood circulation
Soothes aches due to sports injuries
Helps relieve muscle tension


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